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Blonde textured LOB

Ladies Hair Styles and Colour for 2015


What is our vision for hair in 2015? In a nutshell the “Done – Undone”. Inspired by the ’70’s fashions, hairstyling in 2015 has less structure and more texture. Volume and movement will be the key to your finished hairstyles. Control your frizz and ease blowdrying but keep your natural movement with a Goldwell “Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment”. The “Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment” is the key to surviving Sydney’s humidity!TexturedLob


“Lobs” are still popular with introduced tousled beach waves and shattered ends. This effect can be achieved by using “O&M Surf bomb” styled with the Cloud 9 Wand then finish the style with “O&M K-Gravel”. Enhance the style with highlights to complete the “just stepped off the beach” illusion.

shortbrunette texturedbob

Dramatically contrasting Ombre is a thing of the past – more subtle blending will be in vogue this year. Micro-weave highlights will be an essential part of colouring in 2015 to add movement and texture to the hair. This style of highlighting looks great on all levels of colouring from the darkest browns to the lightest of blondes.microweaveblondesmaller

Brunettes try some micro-weaves hints of caramel, chocolate and reds.

Redheads might want to try combining violets, intense reds, coppers and golden hues.

Braid 90s influenceBlondes be bold with pastel micro-weaves in violets, pinks, strawberry and mint tones.

Upstyles are unstructured with the ‘7o’s Bohemian look. Random placement of twists and braids combined with waves and looser ends enhance this “Done – Undone” formal ‘do.58540543_dmo_www_ward2u_com

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