Hottest look for Summer 2019

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What is the hottest look for hair in 2019?

Babylights – mimicking the hues of a younger you!

These beautiful sun kissed strands of hair, so natural, so beautifully blended will have people second guess if your hair is natural or highlighted. The hint is subtlety of the colour.

Babylights can work with any hair type whether it’s to lift a creamy caramel, brighten those dark hues, enhance the red heads or to soften those naturally brilliant blondes. Turn back time with these soft highlights.

We have all bases covered with this beautiful technique.


What are Babylights? –

We take fine tiny micro weaves, with as many or as little foil packets and strategically placed in your hair to achieve your desired result, whether a gentle sunkissed effect framing your face or the full spectrum of Babylights.

A full head of Babylights can be time consuming, this will give you time to get to know your stylist better but we assure you the result will totally be worth the wait!

We are sure you will walk out feeling radiant in your new babylight look!